Sales Strategy & Business Growth Consulting

Sales in common definition is how to sell the product or services to consumer and business. In business definition, sales is more than just selling activity but also including sales planning, sales processs, key performance and sales controlling. Many people and company only focus to develop on how to sell, how to  negotiate, how to be a good sales but sometimes they forgot to organize, improve and develop their internal sales department on how to support sales activities.

Silver Lining Consulting will help you to look at sales not only by preparing your sales person but developing from different point of view. We helps you to growth your sales by define, design, development, implementation, manage and controlling your sales management in order to face the challenges of industry and tight competition.

Sales Operation

Sales operation is a main part of sales management to support sales team increase their productivity or effectiveness by providing sales platform, design sales process and sales plan, execute sales strategy, development and improvement also provide strategic insight to achieve sustainable growth. Almost all kind of business nowadays are supporting by technology, data and automation to optimize business results. The challenges is how to manage all of these puzzle to deliver good and correct information to help management take best decision while at the same time, all the puzzles constantly evolving and influence the business, industries and market competition. In order to help our client growing their business and manage these puzzles, Silver Lining Consulting will assist our client by define and design:

Sales Performance

Sales Performance is a mix of operational and analytical capabilities that connect back-office processes with front-office sales functions to raise the efficiency and effectiveness of sales teams.  The collaboration would help organization to innovate not only sell the products or service but the ways they sell.

The efficiency and effectiveness measured by using some indicator that we called Key Performance Indicator (KPI) compares with sales objective. Many companies adopt KPI from others and then confuse why the KPI doesn’t reflect their business and fails to achieve company objectives. To evaluate the relevance of performance indicator, we can use SMARTER method which stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevance, Timely, Evaluate and Re-evaluate.

The performance measurement will always related with sales reporting and dashboard, and incentive for sales team. Reports and dashboard consists with many information and insight to help manager make decision and take action. Therefore, report and dashboard should be communicative, simple, complete and intelligible.

And as sales person, performance report will always be their based to measure their individual incentive. Incentive often become issue and being one of top reason why sales people has high turnover in organization. Many organization did not realize and careless with this issue, although, for some industries it probably give impacts to business stabilization.

Silver Lining Consulting presence to assist you by define and design.